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10 Best Artificial Bass Baits

Gone are the times when people used to fish using a wooden stick with a length of string or fishing line tied to the end. Although some of us at Bass Fishing Techniques still use this method, its more about bass fishing baits these days.

In far gone times, people often used worms as bait and this still remains as one of the best all round baits that is readily available.

Today, there is a plethora of artificial baits available for catching all kinds of fish. Artificial baits have flooded the market over the last few years and using any number of these can result in a great days fishing.

Below are, in my opinion, the top ten artificial baits on the market. All of the brands listed are equally potent and I recommend using as many as possible so you can form your own opinion. Remember, experimentation is the key to success.

Zara Spook
This artificial bait is in the shape of a cigar. The fisherman casts this out and then draws it back in slowly. This bait floats on top of the water and hopefully a hungry bass will find it irresistible.

A great many Japanese fishermen use the senco. It is particularly good close to partly submerged trees.

The Floating Worm
The floating worm is generally made of plastic. It looks just like the real thing and always gets the job done. This is one of my favourite baits. The art is to just dip it into the water and wait for a bite.

Minnow are one of the best baits an angler can use to catch bass. The superfluke is superb at mimicking the actions of the minnow and produces great results every time.

So named because of its propeller. When the torpedo is dragged through the water, the propeller creates vibrations that bass find irresistible.

The Buzz
This bait works just like the Zara Spook by just floating on the surface. It doesn’t have anything fancy like the Torpedo but works surprisingly well.***
The Stick
The stick bait is also made of plastic and is another bait that floats on the surface. The angler should tug on this bait periodically as to attract the passing fish.

The Pop-R
Like the Torpedo, this bait also causes vibrations in the water when retrieved. It is practically irresistible to hunting bass, but with this bait it’s just a matter of time before the hunted become the captured.

The Tournament Frog
This bait is best put to use near lily pads or murky waters. I have had many a great day using this bait.

The Spinner
The spinner is always an angler’s favourite and rarely fails to produce results. Used well this bait can produce huge bags of fish.

We hope you enjoyed our article on bass fishing baits. Please join us again soon. If you have a story to tell then why not send an email to bass fishing techniques, we would love to hear from you.


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