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Bass Fishing

Although the striped bass can be very elusive for any number of reasons, catching this fish is not really so difficult if you are well practiced. Here at Bass Fishing Techniques we will tech you what you need to know, so you can prepare and practice. Bass fishing is not difficult but the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Preparation - Taking care of your spools.
If you’re spool is only half full with line then you will require a greater force to get the spool going which will inevitably lead to problems. To make your bass fishing experience an enjoyable one, make sure your spools have the correct amount of line on them.

Practice – Enjoy practicing and you’ll learn more.
You should treat yourself to some casting plugs, they are inexpensive and they will make practicing fishing for bass in the yard so much more enjoyable. If you enjoy practicing, then it stands to reason that you will practice more. If you practice more, then it stands to reason that you will become better and better as time goes by.

You should practice with the largest plug as this is the best one to start off with. You should practice spool control using your thumb and the way to do this is simple. Sit on a chair holding the rod and real as you would when fishing. With the tip pointing upwards, allow the plug to fall to the ground slowing the spool with your thumb as it drops. Practice stopping the spool with your thumb when the plug reaches the floor. You should practice spool control for 30 minutes a day minimum.

You should also practice landing your plug in desired positions of varying distances. You should be able, with practice, to cast and watch your plug as it flies through the air, feathering the spool ever so gently with your thumb to slow the pace and only stopping the spool as your plug reaches its target. Practice makes perfect and you will reap the rewards if you put the time in.

As you practice your casting, make sure your reel is tilted to the side, your grip is relaxed, and your elbow is by your side. There is no need to bring your upper arm into the action during the cast. All the action is from the elbow and wrist.

You should also keep your movements gentle and fluid, no quick jerks, just a smooth, effortless movement, just like reading the article here at bass fishing techniques. 20-30 minutes practice a day will soon have your casting confidence soaring to new heights. Within no time you will be able to place your chosen lure in a bucket at 15 yards.

The best reel to use is a baitcaster reel. These types of reel are perfectly suited to casting plugs and lures. The baitcaster can be very accurate when casting artificial lures. they require just one hand to operate and they don’t twist or foul the line when casting. The baitcaster is excellent for use with light or heavy line.
The rod and reel combinations these days are extremely light and comfortable to use. Using one for a full days fishing doesn’t require much effort at all. You should always try out a rod and reel combination before you buy. There are plenty to choose from and choosing the right one will pay dividends later.

If you prefer to use light tackle when bass fishing then a rod and a threadline reel combination will prove a good choice. Although you may sacrifice a little accuracy, distance shouldn’t be a problem when using a light plug.


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