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Great Bass Fishermen: Don Iovino

As sport fishing has grown in popularity throughout the years, many people have emerged as leaders in the bass fishing sport and its techniques. None of these seem to have risen to fame so quickly as professional bass fishermen Don Iovino, who has made a substantial living by sharing his bass fishing information and techniques with the sport fishing community. In fact, Iovino was inducted into the International Fishing Hall of Fame as a charter member in recognition for his accomplishments in the world of bass fishing.

Don Iovino has been involved in the sport fishing community for nearly fifteen years one of his major accomplishments includes winning the title "Angler of the Year" in the North and West Divisions of the United States BASS tournament in 1985. To this day, Iovino remains the only professional angler to ever have accomplished this amazing feat. In addition, he won several other awards and tournaments throughout the years, and eventually turned his notoriety into a business as a hugely successful guide for fishermen in California.

One of the things that Iovino was most well-known for was his method of fishing, known as "doodling". Doodling is a method in which you drop your plastic worm bait into clear water until you've reached the area where bass are most active, and then gently shake your rod's tip. Wait for half a minute or so and then shake the rod tip again for a few seconds. Wait again and pull up slowly on the line until you've taken it up six inches or so. Then, drop the line back down into the water and repeat the process. Remember, bass fishing is a patience-oriented sport, so this should all be done in a very slow and controlled manner getting anxious and going too fast will only scare off the fish.

Although Iovino is now retired from the fishing guide business, he still enjoys teaching people how to fish and giving informational speeches about fishing and the conservation work that must be done to protect our natural resources. He also offers a variety of seminars dealing with bass fishing for the BassMaster tournament each year. He has said that he sees this as a means of giving something back to the sport of bass fishing, which provided him with so much of his prosperity through the years. It is in accordance with these principles that he lends his support to different fish enhancement and environmental protection projects that take place throughout the world every year.

Because of his success within the sport of bass fishing, Don Iovino has been able to continue to participate in about fifteen tournaments a year, in addition to selling his personal line of products for sport fishermen. He also has informational videos available for the novice fishermen and offers his time and insight to Inside Line Magazine. All of these things considered, it's no wonder that Don Iovino is such a well-known figure inside the bass fishing community.


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