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Fishing Bait

There is an endless variety of baits or lures to use to make that big catch. In general, these options include live bait, such as smaller fish, man-made bait, also known as lures or artificial bait and natural baits, such as fish parts, bread crumbs or hemp.

Knowing which type of bait to use always depends on the climate and type of fish you are going for. When using live bait you typically go for whatever the fish would naturally be attracted to eat. This could vary anywhere from minnows, to crickets and grasshoppers, earth worms, grubbs, maggots, bees and plenty more. Some recreational fisherman prefer purchasing their live bait from the store, while others may enjoy finding and catching them for themselves. Especially if you have kids that like creepy crawlers and such, catching them yourselves would be a great way to go.

Another type of bait would be the man-made bait. Some anglers believe that these types of bait are not as effective in catching fish as the live bait would be. A definite advantage of man-made baits, however, is that there is such a variety and they are always available throughout every season. Also, artificial baits have come a long way in design and variety. They are now made to look very life-like and are even able to mimic the movements of the critter they are made to portray. Other artificial baits are simply made to stand out or sparkle to intice the fish to bite even though they may not actually be hungry. These types are typically made in bright or glittery colors, have shiny spinners on them and can even have fringe or tassle-like material.

Natural baits can be very similar to live baits, but also include more of a variety aside from using small fish, worms, insects, etc. and are used dead or alive. Some other types that anglers use are bread crumbs, hemp, chum, which is bits of fish and blood, and cheese. Other than being natural, another key to these types of bait is the strong odor, life-like texture and color that the fish are instinctually attracted to.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of bait to choose from in the world, if not millions. Remember, choosing which type of bait to use will depend on the circumstances listed above and which season you are fishing in. After these things have been put into consideration it will be time to make that make or break decision, because the right bait is, after all, quite an important piece to successful fishing.


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