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Fishing Techniques

There is a wide varitey of ways used by man to catch fish. Some of these techniques are used to make fishing simpler, while others tend to add more difficulty to the activity making it an exciting sport. Some of these techniques include trapping, spearfishing and hand gathering, which is also called noodling by some. Below you will find a description of each technique to better understand their meanings.

Some of the earlier used techniques include hand fishing. This technique is best for when you do not have much equipment and does not necessarily mean you are catching actual fish. Hand fishing can be as simple as digging for clams or gathering shellfish or kelp from the beach. Another term associated with hand fishing would be noodling. This is a technique used in the United States where the person doing the noodling sticks their arm down in a catfish hole and allows the fish to latch on. After this takes place, the fisherman pulls his catch out with his arm. Although it has become a popular sport, his has been known as quite a dangerous way to go about fishing.

After fishing by hand was mastered, one of the next techniques to be developed was spearfishing. This ancient method took place by using a spear, or anything of the like. Such as a harpoon or trident. The harpoon was known to be used in palaeolithic times, which dates back as far as 2.5 million years. In early mythology the trident was used, which is a three-pronged spear, also called gigs or leisters. Spearfishing typically took place by throwing the spear at a fish or stabbing down on it in more shallow waters.

Trapping seems to be quite a universal fishing technique used in many different cultures. There are a variety of ways to trap, which include using different types of traps. One of these traps is called the basket weir. This trap was made out of two wicker cones, one stacked inside of the other, and was typically two meters long. The basket weir was widely used in ancient times. Another type of trap is the fishing weir which originated in medieval Europe. This trap was traditionally made with wood or stone. It was used by placing a wall or obstruction across a flowing river on one side and on the other side a "V" shaped wall was placed that had an opening in the tip. This allowed the fish easy access into the trap, but made it hard for them to escape. An aerial view would show the walls to look similar to this: | < with the walls of the river being on the top and bottom of this example.

While these techniques are not the most popular or widely known approches for fishing used today, they are very important in helping shape the ways we fish today.


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