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How to Find The Best Areas

Here at Bass Fishing Techniques we know all about finding the best areas for bass Fishing. this type of fishing has become one of the best leisure activities in the world today with millions of anglers worldwide. Bass fishing in particular is a very exciting sport and more and more people are taking up fishing for these predatory creatures every year.

How many anglers turn up at a lake that they have never fished before and put the boat in and then ask themselves this question, "So, where are the fish going to be?". Here at Bass Fishing Techniques, we know just how to find them.

Although I can't promise that by reading this article, you will be able to locate bass every time go out, I can promise that this article will set a few things straight on the subject of finding these creatures.

Now when you consider it, there are actually only two main things that go together when it comes to bass fishing techniques. The more you understand about these two, the more it will help you to become a much better angler, and they are:

1. Learning how to find the best bass locations.

2. Learning about the different baits,techniques and presentations to help you catch bass.

Trying to find a good place for bass can be challenging to most anglers because there are many factors that need to be considered such as:

1. Learn map reading - this is a basic skill that needs to be learned because by being able to read a map it will be easier to find good places for bass fishing.

2. Discovering the best places to find active Bass soon after cold fronts and during late fall and early spring times. You should definitely consider the water conditions.

3. Judging the depth of the water- this is a vital aspect because the depth of the water will be a determining factor if you are in a good location or not.

4. Clarity of water- you might find bass fishing easier if you are well-aware of the water clarity in your area.

5. Temperature of the water. This can make a huge difference.

6. Seasonal patterns- there can be a related trend of bass fishing.

7. Structure area location

8. Locating areas of vegetation

And there are even more!

Being a bass angler that consistently catches fish includes more than just jumping in your boat, getting in the water, and casting your baits. This is why it can get so exhilarating and aggressive at bass tournaments. As you gather more information on how to locate bass, the faster you can start catching them, and hey, that's half the whole idea.

Let's begin by taking a look at map reading. There are normally only two kinds of lake maps that the majority of anglers will use. these are referred to as the: "Topographical" and "Hot Spot" maps. The "Hot Spots" map displays the best fishing spots whereas the "Topographical" map will present a more detailed picture.

The best thing to do would be to section off the map. Check for areas where you think the fish might be and make a mental note. Next, You should separate the map into sections depending on the time you are allowed to pre-fish for an upcoming tournament or maybe, how long you have to just fish for enjoyment.

The size of the sections will vary according to structure, contours, and the number of places you may want to investigate throughout your day, depending on what is shown on the map.

You should not choose a spot, cast your bait a few times then leave. This will always fail to reveal that particular spots potential. Try a variety of baits and if you detect signs of fish in a particular area then to try to provide a working system.

Here are some vital things that you can probably check for when trying to find bass on any particular water body:

1. Areas of Vegetation

2. Contours that are uneven

3. Shallow water near deep water areas

4. Point drops and point

5. Different kinds of structures


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