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Ice Fishing

Some may think that during the winter months your days of fishing are over, when in fact, the sport of ice fishing is going full throttle. Some believe that this is the time of the year when the hardcore anglers come out, willing to brave the freezing temperatures to make their big catch. If you love fishing and think you want to join in on this group of fishermen, then you will need to know the basics of ice fishing. For the most part, all you need is a frozen body of water, the proper fishing tools and some hungry fish. As you read on you will discover a few tools of the trade and some mandatory tips on how to master this artful and explicit fishing skill.

First things first, you need to find a frozen body of water. Typically, depending on where you live, the further north you go, the better. A few of the most popular places across the United States to ice fish on are Lake Champlain in New York, Chequamegon Bay in Wisconsin, Caspian Lake in Greensboro, Vermont, Higgins Lake in Michigan, Caples and Silver Lake in California, Lake Michigan Harbors in Illinois and Strawberry Resivoir in Utah. Keep in mind, these are only a very select few of the most popular. There are definitely plenty more places to choose from around the United States. If you are willing to do a little more travelling or just happen to be located near the border, Canada would also have a huge variety of lakes to decide upon.

Now that you have chosen that perfect place to start your adventure, it is time to figure out what tools you will need to bring along. The most important thing to remember is being safe and dressing appropriately for the freezing temperatures. After this has been taken care of, it is time to focus on the actual fishing tools. One thing you will need is an auger or ice saw to drill a hole into the frozen layer of water. If you are not able to aquire this tool, it may be a bit more labor, but you can bring along an axe and use it to chop the ice away. Be sure to make the hole big enough to fit the type of fish you are fishing for. In order to catch the fish, there are a few different ways to go about it when ice fishing. You can choose to use a lighter and smaller version of a regular fishing pole, a tip-up or a spear. Also, you would use the same type of bait you would normally choose, depending on the fish you are trying to catch.

If you have decided you want a little relief from the elements there are also different shelters and even heaters to use during your fishing expedition. Or, roughing it is always an option by simply using a stool or something of the like to sit on.

Now that you have learned to basics of ice fishing, it is time to go enjoy the great outdoors.


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