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Learning Discipline and Patience Through Fishing

Fishing has been around since the beginning. More likely than not, it started out as a chore to simply get food on the table. As time has gone on, fishing has evolved more and more, eventually turning it into a very widely known sport. Although fishing is quite an enjoyable activity, it is also a great way to learn dicipline and patience.

Sitting there waiting for a bite can be a gruelling task, but knowing what the reward will be when you get a bite is always more than worth the wait. Sometimes with kids, knowing that the fish are out there, ready to be caught, seems to give them the ability to want to sit there and be patient. Other times, you may need to make the fishing trip a little more exciting to keep your kid's interest peaked. You may want to allow them to bring a friend, a ball or frisbee to throw or wander around and catch bugs for bait. Usually, the older a kid gets, the more they will enjoy the actual fishing. It is widely recognized that a kid that grows up fishing tends to develop more patience than one that does not. It begins to be instilled in them that waiting usually ends in great reward. Also, fishing tends to be a good way to keep them out of trouble. Normally when a child has more extracurricular activities to choose from, like fishing, they would not have time to think about questionable activities.

On the other hand, you may find that it is YOUR patience being put to use when you are fishing with your child. The reason for this would be that you are constantly watching your child, making sure they do not fall in the water or hook themselves or anyone around them while they make their cast. Another example may be continually getting your child's bait unhooked from some brush, moss or a log in the water. You may also find yourself as the designated bait changer, as well. All of these things are inevitable, especially when fishing with a beginner.

Fishing with your child proves, in various aspects, to be a very rewarding activity. It is the perfect way to get away from all the busyness and noise of the world. Fishing gives you the perfect opportunity to bond and/or catch up on things with your child. Also, to teach them other good qualities and morals to bear, like patience.

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