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Smallmouth Bass

We just love smallmouth bass fishing. Smallmouths can be excellent fun. Many anglers may not realize this, but smallmouth bass can be fished for in much the same way that trout are fished for.

Equipped with your waders, fishing vest, polarized sunglasses and your ultra light rod, you can set off fishing. Smallmouth bass can be caught using many of the same techniques that you would use for catching trout and salmon.

If you like to fish for your bass with live bait, as I do, then smallmouth bass can offer a great way to keep your reflexes and skills sharp. Pound for pound, smallmouth bass are considered one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish. I don’t know if this statement is true but I have definitely had a lot of fun catching them, they can definitely hold there own.

When you couple the stubbornness and determination of the smallmouth bass with the current in the river, you certainly have a recipe for a great days fishing.

One of my favourite bass fishing techniques is to use a worm placed on a set of gang hooks (a set of gang hooks is 2 small hooks tied in tandem). Of course, you can use hellgrammites or minnows, but for me, this method is hard to beat. You see, when you use a set of #10 gang hooks, it’s hard to see that there are hooks in the worm at all, and if a human has trouble seeing the hooks once you put a worm on there, then a smallmouth bass won’t be able to see the hooks either.

Lures, Spinners and Spoons are also a great choice for smallmouth bass in rivers. Experimentation is the key to lure fishing. Using different type and colors depending on the weather conditions can yield great rewards. Frog imitations, red and white spinners/spoons are always a great choice and almost always produce excellent results.

I often find that a jig with a Powerbait twister tail can out fish live bait such as worm, minnow etc, especially when I’m fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers. But again, experimentation is the key to success.

If you live anywhere near where there are smallmouth bass, then it is imperative that you don your waders, collect a bag of worms, collect your lures, gang hooks, plugs, spoons, jigs and spinners and set off for a great days entertainment. Whether it for the sheer enjoyment of smallmouth bass fishing or to keep in shape for your next trout fishing excursion, fishing for and catching smallmouth bass in rivers makes for a great time.


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