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The History of Fishing

Fishing, which has also been referred to as angling, is the act of catching fish, whether they be fresh or saltwater. This is taken place through the process of using a fishing pole, with large or small nets, by spear or even with your bare hands.

Some may wonder how fishing has become such a well-known and vital part of our lives. Many of us out there enjoy the recreation side of it, which tends to be a relaxing activity full of silence and solitude. Fishing is used as a great opportunity to clear your mind and de-stress after a hard bout of everyday life. Fishing has also been made into a competitive sport where the winner may obtain a variety of prizes, trophies, a cash reward or just simply having the knowledge of being the best fisherman of the day.

However, fishing is also a much needed necessity. It is now and has been proven to be, as far back as 40,000 years ago, through ancient drawings, such as cave paintings, discarded fish bones and shell heaps, which are large quantites of shellfish remains. In ancient times people would need to travel with the seasons, finding the best and most plentiful fishing areas. Fish were eaten fresh and dried. Depending on cultures and time periods, fishing was done in many different ways. One of the earliest known tools man used for fishing was called the gorge. This tool could have been made from stone, wood, bone and typically measured an inch in length. It was made with sharp edges on either side and tied off-center to the fishing line. The Egyptians have been documented back in 2000 BC fishing by rod and lines and also with nets. Chinese cultures have been known to use silk lines with a hook made from needles and a bamboo rod using cooked rice as bait around the Fourth Century BC.

The first period of significant improvement of fishing came around the mid-Seventeenth Century. During this time Colonel Robert Venables and Thomas Barker were teaching and describing new fishing methods and tackle. Also, Charles Cotton and Issac Walton were writing the classic The Compleat Angler. There was also another unknown angler that was said to be the first to use a wired loop at the end of their fishing rod, which allowed casting out a running line, for a more expansive fishing area.

From this time on, the use of rods and fishing baits and techniques continually progressed for optimal results. Fishing continues to, and always will be, a very important part of our survial, whether it be for food or sport.


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