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When You Can't Get Out to the Pond....

Some days, you just can't make it out to the pond to go bass fishing. Maybe the weather is bad. Maybe you don't have the time, or maybe your favorite fishing spot is just too far away. Here are some ways you can still enjoy your bass fishing hobby without actually going anywhere.

First, you can always sit back and relax with your favorite bass fishing magazine. Bass Fishing, Anglers Choice, American Bass Anglers Tournament Trail Magazine, and Bassmaster are just a few of the many titles out there that you can subscribe to or purchase at your local book store. While nowhere near as satisfying as actually bass fishing, reading up on new techniques and equipment can help improve your catches. Plus, you can always take a magazine or two with you to read while waiting for the fish to bite.

If you'd rather do something a bit more active, you can take a look at all the bass fishing video games out there. Some are for gaming consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox, but there are some you can get that are stand-alone games. Some of the most popular ones are even shaped like a rod that requires you to "cast" out your line and then reel it in using a reel on the side of the game. These types of bass fishing video games do everything they can to recreate the experience of bass fishing right in your home. You can find these fishing games at your local Wal-Mart, Target, or any other store that sells electronics.

These two solutions take care of what to do during bad weather or other situations where you aren't able to get out on the lake and fish, but what if the problem is that you're too far away from the lake? With rising gas prices, you may find that it's too expensive to drive out to the lake and fish. If that's the case, here's one solution if you own a good sized amount of land, build your own bass pond.

That's right, if you happen to own farmland; you can put in your own lake and stock it with bass to fish from. Now, this in no way will be easy, and it probably won't be cheap, but it can be a very rewarding experience. If you're driving a good distance to fish, building your own pond will eventually pay for itself. A basic, small pond under an acre in size will end up costing around $2500 or so, depending on the size you want and the quality of your land. Of course, if you have some fishing buddies, you can always pool your resources and go in on a pond together.

While building your own bass fishing pond might seem a little extreme, it's actually not a bad alternative if you have the land and the money. Just think of how nice it would be to roll out of bed, walk down to the pond and start fishing without dealing with that long drive to the lake you used to fish in. But if you can't quite manage to create your own lake and can't make it to the closest one, remember that you can always spend a day researching bass fishing equipment or playing an entertaining bass fishing video game.


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